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Chaitra Navratri

Real weight loss review of bengaluru at dr kolawales clinic

Posted by : drkolawales on | Mar 24,2020

This is one of my most successful case in weight loss i had seen till today, the spirit and motivation of this girl has given a real weight loss, her real weight loss review from bangalore / benagaluru in original i am sharing for you as below-


Hi All,
I would like to share my experience with Dr. Prashant Kolawale and his amazing weight loss technique. I was always a slim and healthy girl in my school days weighing around 56-58 kg. However when I went abroad for my higher studies, all of a sudden I put on weight due to life style changes and lack of exercise. I always felt when I return to India the weight would reduce on its own but it just kept on increasing till I reached a staggering 77kg. This led to a lot of complications including high blood pressure and cholesterol which was affecting my daily life.
When I heard about Dr.Kolawale, I was initially hesitant to try the package since it involved medicines along with a diet plan. However the website provided me very comforting information that the medicines were totally ayurvedic with absolutely no side effects. I thought about giving it a try and ordered the package online. The package contained the medicine along with a diet chart. The first week was very difficult for me since I was used to eating only junk food. But the diet made me realize all the healthy food I was actually missing out on. In the first week itself I lost 2-3 Kg. Seeing my weight reduce every morning would bring a sense of satisfaction and happiness one can never express. I never had any side effects except feeling hungry during which I would munch on fresh fruits and vegetables instead of carbohydrates and starch.
The weight loss was gradual however you have to very strictly follow the diet or it will be of no use and you will gain what you lost. I have had my share of troubles there however realized the importance of following the chart.
My treatment concluded after 4 months and I lost a whopping 24 kg of weight and at present weigh 53 Kg. This has been the best I have weighed all my life!! And I give all credit to Dr.Kolawale. He has been able to perform miracles in my life when I had lost all hope. No amount of exercise and dieting was able to help me achieve the results that this diet has been able to do and I am truly grateful. Also my Blood pressure and cholesterol has come within the normal range. I am also able to wear all of my small size outfits that would never fit me before since the weight loss has been proportionate throughout my body, including tummy section, thighs, arms, back and face.
It has been over 5 months now and I have completely stopped the medicines and I am back to my normal routine and food however the weight has not increased a bit, something I was actually scared would happen. Dr.Kolawale has made me realize the importance of having a healthy, balanced weight leading to a healthy life. I had never paid attention to fresh food before but now I do.
I would really like to recommend this diet to all those helpless people out there who really need help in losing weight without exercise. I lead a very sedentary life having a desk job and have absolutely no time to exercise.
Once again thank you Dr. Prashant, for making my dreams come true!!! "

Shaalyn M ,Bangalore ,patient no 137765.