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Chaitra Navratri

Amazing Places in Bengaluru you should visit

Posted by : Siddharth Jalan on | Apr 27,2023

Bengaluru, formerly known as Bangalore, is a significant city in southern India. As a result of its flourishing information technology and commerce industries, Bengaluru has rocketed to global prominence. This city serves as India's economic center. However, if you examine Bengaluru from a less academic angle, you will notice the vibrant colors of a city whose rich cultural heritage is blended with today's modernism.

Bengaluru is the kind of place where you may take a break from your hectic schedule. You can peacefully relax or enjoy a staycation just chilling with Netflix or while relishing a stable and medium volatility game, Aviator game, for example, can be a good option. A resort, restaurant, or hotel can ensure the nicest vacation with little effort. Among all the amazing places in Bengaluru, you should always go with the one that feels most like you. You should make the most of your time at whatever Bengaluru attractions you visit, whether there for a few days or hours. We have compiled a list of some of the greatest places to visit in and around Bengaluru so you can make an informed decision about where to stay.

Amazing Attractions in Bengaluru/Bangalore
Bengaluru has become known as the "Silicon Valley of India," "Garden City," and "Air-Conditioned City" in recent years. Formerly known as the "Pensioners' Paradise," Bengaluru is now India's booming IT industry hub. However, modern usage incorporates elements from both eras.

Although not as packed with tourist attractions as some of India's other big cities, Bengaluru has plenty of great places to see. This being the case, below is a chronology of the seven most appealing tourist destinations close to Bengaluru.

Cubbon Park
One of Bengaluru’s most recognizable features, Cubbon Park, is known by its former name, Sri Chamarajendra Park. It was first developed in 1870 by a dominant British engineer in Mysore, Richard Sankey.

In addition to rich flora and fauna, the park's 300 acres have various tributes to historical individuals. With its expansive lawns and towering trees, this is one of the world's most magical places. After dark, when the park's stunning lighting is turned on, it is a sight to behold.

Nandi Hills
One of the best sites for outdoor enthusiasts close to Bengaluru is Nandi Hills. A breathtaking view of a massive granite monolith can be seen from this hill station, which is situated 60 kilometers outside of the city core. The mild winters and springs have made it a popular weekend getaway for gardeners.

The vegetation on slopes is typically in good health. Near the summit, a few native tree species coexist with massive alien ones like Eucalyptus and Coffee Arabica. The cloud condensation that covers the forest's leaves with water droplets every morning is a source of great pride. The trees will flourish, and the bird population will increase.

Tipu Sultan's Palace
As one of the most magnificent museums in Bengaluru, the former summer palace of the well-liked King "Tipu Sultan" is a great destination for families. The palace's ageless paintings, gorgeous figures, and other exceptional artworks have helped it garner widespread attention in recent years.

The fort is not just a well-known historical building but also noteworthy since it is constructed entirely of teakwood. This material is becoming hard to come by in modern construction.

Lal Bagh Botanical Garden
One of the best botanical gardens in India is Lal Bagh. On August 15 (Independence Day) and January 26 (Republic Day), its magnificent glass greenhouse is the site of yearly flower shows.

A beautiful lake and the largest collection of rare tropical plants in India may be found in the Lalbagh Botanical Garden. Birds such as the myna, crow, parakeet, pond heron, brahminy kite, purple moorhen, common egret, etc., are also drawn to the area.

Bangalore Palace
The Bangalore Palace is a fantastic tourist destination less than 200 kilometers from the city's heart. The Bangalore Palace, once owned by Reverend J. Garrett, is one of the finest examples of Indian architecture and culture. While in Bengaluru for his training, Maharaja Chamarajendra Wadiyar decided to purchase the entire fort from Garrett in 1873 AD. The palace was renovated beginning in April 1874 and was finally finished in 1878 after undergoing extensive renovations and extensions.

The luxurious rooms inside this palace need no description. Private events can be hosted in the elegant ballroom. A granite seating area in a courtyard is surrounded by brilliant blue porcelain tiles on the ground floor. Durbar Hall, located on the ground level and accessible through a grand staircase, is a lavish reception hall. Dutch and Greek artwork from the nineteenth century adorns the fort's interior decor.

One of the largest ISKCON temples in the world, ISKCON Bengaluru provides visitors with a remarkable spiritual encounter. The temple has a magnificent design and is famous for the many events it hosts for Lord Krishna's followers.

The temple is one of the most remarkable spiritual tourist destinations within a day's travel of the city. A 17-meter flagpole, 6 individual shrines, and a 9-meter Kalash shikara are all made of gold. There are also youth and cultural programs, as well as celebrations of numerous holidays, held there.

National Gallery Of Modern Art
In Bengaluru, you and your loved ones must visit the National Gallery of Modern Art. The gallery opened in 2009 and featured the work of well-known contemporary artists, including some truly remarkable paintings for the home.

About 500 displays are displayed throughout the museum's many rooms, corridors, and atriums. The displays are organized chronologically, thematically, and by the artists who created the works on show.

Bengaluru is an interesting blend of modernity and history. There is no end to the great attractions in Bengaluru that deserve a visit. The spots mentioned above are just a small sampling of those chosen due to their rising profile. So, plan accordingly and give yourself plenty of time to see the city.